About OAF

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Real Estate Photography

With over 20 years of marketing experience, we know how to make your listings stand out to perspective buyers. Each listing and client are different. Our custom real estate aerial tour videos will highlight your selling features and give future buyers an amazing overview of the property layout. All of our aerial tours are done with the attention to detail you expect. Free professional online video hosting included. 

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Commercial Real Estate Photography

Make your commercial real estate listing stand out with our photography and video aerial tour services. We can pair your video with professional narration or just the right instrumental music track. All of our video productions include free professional hosting or you can download the video file directly to your server.

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FAA Licensed & Approved Drone Service

Leave your drone project in the hands of an FAA licensed and experienced pilot! 

  • FAA licensed pilot for full scale planes since 1992

  • Operated one of the first consumer drone dealerships on the West Coast in 2012. 

  • 20 years of experience flying radio control aircraft including high performance/high speed aerobatic model aircraft. 


FAA Approved – sUAS Drone Service

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